Thursday, January 3, 2013

The case of the erratic mileage on Ford's C-Max

I'm seeing a growing number of reviews and reports complaining about the lower-than-announced mileage on Ford's highly promoted 'Prius-killer' - the C-Max.

I would have expected a small variation from the EPA ratings of 47 mpg.  But almost each and everyone of the articles I'm seeing has the owner or reviewer average about ten miles less.  There are good marks for the build of the car.  No disputing that.

But the big selling point that Ford has hammered to consumers is proving to be a big disappointment.  And that goes for me too.  I really had moved toward the C-Max as my next car.  But now it's going to be anything but that brand and model.

What a 2,000-mile Ford C-Max Hybrid road trip reveals about its missing mileage | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos: ""


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